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The Tempest by William Shakespeare

On the website below, type in “The Tempest” and read the play.
After you have read through the play once, read the play again and imagine as you read that you are the actual
director, the costume and the scenic designer of a play production of The Tempest. You have now become the
director, costume & scenic designer of the play The Tempest. Ask yourself, What type of theatre space will you
select for your production of The Tempest? What type of set will you need to serve the story of the play? What
will it look like? Think colors, shapes, textures and playing areas for the actors. What looks/styles of costumes
will each individual character wear? Think colors, shapes, texture, movement etc. Actors – You will need to hire
actors to play the roles in The Tempest. Think of famous actors (living or dead) that fit the image (both
physically and emotionally) you have of each character in the play.
Your ideas must be in keeping with the story of play as written by the playwright. You are not re-writing or
adapting the actual story/words of the play to suit your ideas. Your ideas and designs must work to serve the
written word of the play. You may not change the characters names or gender or alter the plot of the play as
written. The gender of the actor playing the role does not matter as long as the gender of the character remains
as written.