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The story from Nathaniel Hawthorne

You can choose from either of the story from Nathaniel HawthorneAttached files but must use blooms to get resources as well

TERM PAPER for AMERICAN LITERATURE IShort fiction is one genre where the United States has made a significant contribution to world literature. You will write a short research paper (about 1200—1500 words) that focuses on at least one short story we studied by Hawthorne, Poe, or Melville.Our school subscribes to Bloom’s Literature, an excellent database that you can access by following this link to the library resources page, clicking on databases, and then clicking on B in the index. Bloom’s “How to write about. . .” section includes substantive advice for writing about Hawthorne, Poe, or Melville, along with numerous essays about specific stories written by the above authors that you can access by typing the title into Bloom’s search engine. You must use at least one of the essays you find there about a specific story to support and develop your paper. You should also use at least one source about the author’s biography or work in general. Each essay in Bloom’s has a citation link that you should use to ensure proper MLA documentation and so that you can reference authors by name in your paper. You may argue against expert opinions or use them to supplement your own.It is vital that you come up with a strong, specific thesis and a coherent, logical outline for your paper. Bloom’s Literature has a marvelous text by Louise Sterling that provides clear, concise tips for planning and writing a research paper, including a sample paper about Hawthorne’s “The Birth-Mark.”