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The State of the Parthenon Marbles: Response to Discussion Posts

First Response

Your reason for keeping the Parthenon in Britain is highly convincing. I agree with your assertion that museums represent the culture of the world; thus, they should contain different historical and artistic objects from across the world. Moving the Parthenon out of the British Museum will provide bad precedent for other museums that host foreign materials.

I think your argument that Lord Elgin did well in the preservation of the Parthenon pieces is true. If he had not carried the marbles to Britain, there would be no Parthenon pieces to view or fight over. Greece had a similar opportunity to preserve the marbles; however, they failed to do so, leading to the destruction of the historic building. I am in agreement that Greece should focus on getting a replica of the marbles if they really want to preserve it in their country.

Second Response

I think that your assertion that Greece is not genuine in request for the marble is correct. If they failed to preserve the artifacts then, what is their current source of motivation? The timing of the demands is significant since it came at a time when the British were dealing with the issue of BREXIT and needed support from neighboring nations. I tend to agree that Greece wants the marbles to show their might and power, as well as convince the British to buy their support. 

Whether Lord Elgin acquired the marbles legally or illegally should not be the point of discussion. The focus should be on the benefits of his actions. Indeed, his actions led to the preservation of the historical objects that attract people from different parts of the world. I appreciate your argument that the financial status of Greece cannot allow them to transport and preserve the marbles. If they really must have them, then they should focus on obtaining a replica of the same to avoid total damage to the original artifacts. 

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