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The Socratic Method

The videos and primary texts are accompanied with a short description and often a question to guide your focus. Thinking of each of them is essential for understanding certain class material. In this assignment, you will respond to one of them by writing a concise, thorough paragraph (around 150 words).

Question: After watching What is the Socratic Method? video, use this method to test one of the statements that you believe is common sense. Follow the exact steps from the video. What did you learn about your belief when you used Socratic method?

Socrates believed that each of us possesses knowledge and the truth. This belief determined his role in everyday conversations with others and shaped his method. Imagine Socrates asked you about the relevance of his philosophy for your life, and you are willing to respond. What would you tell him? While answering the question, refer to two specific things that you learned about Socrates and his teachings. Make sure that you follow Directions and Discussion Guidelines. ( 300-450 words)