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The Secrets of Sugar

The Secrets of Sugar: The Fifth Estate (watch the first 30 minutes)

Web MD: The Truth About Sugar Addiction

Sugar Consumption over time (this will take you to a Forbes web site but it will load the article, just give it a little time)

Dr. Mark Hymann and High Fructose Corn Syrup

Sugar Substitutes and Diabetes

Review all of the links above with regards to sugars effects on the body, including sugar substitutes and high fructose corn syrup.

1. How has sugar intake changed over time? What are some of the foods or drinks that have contributed to this increase? Please make sure you are including information from all of the sources relevant to this question.
2. Give 3 examples of some of the issues with HFCS? (make sure to explain your answer) Do you consume foods with HFCS?
3. What is the Bliss Point? Is sugar addictive? Have you ever experience sugar addiction? Please make sure you are providing information from the materials.
4. Do you know anyone with type 2 diabetes? Whether you do or don’t, what would you tell someone who is at risk for developing diabetes based on the information you reviewed? Would you recommend they use sugar substitutes (Sucrolose, Nutrasweet or Sweet N Low),? Please explain your answer to question regarding sugar substitutes using information from the article.