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The Role of Gender

There is a great deal of literature on gender in the context of movies about computers, robots and, in particular, artificial intelligence. Such literature often examines artificial intelligence as a means for deconstructing gender or as a model for a radical view of feminism. Your paper is to address the role of gender in at least three of the following movies (though more are welcome): Desk Set (1957, Walter Lang), Demon Seed (1977, Donald Cammell), Making Mr. Right (1987, Susan Seidelman), Eve of Destruction (1991, Duncan Gibbins), Alien Resurrection (theatrical version) (1997, Jean-Pierre Jeunet), I, Robot (2004, Alex Proyas) and Transcendence (2014, Wally Pfister). In selecting which movies on which to write, you should bear in mind that these movies vary widely in their perspectives ranging from reactionary to progressive.

You may approach the topic in any manner you believe is both appropriate and interesting. For example, you may wish to

Explore how these movies reinforce or criticize (or both) male and female cultural stereotypes and to what end,

Describe the cultural reasons and historical context for the misogyny depicted and how such movies should be viewed (or not),

Contrast the ways in which each movie approaches gender and the reasons for the differing approaches,

Articulate how and why economics has impacted the depiction of gender,

Discuss how the depiction of gender has changed over time as reflected in these movies and the reasons for such changes (or not), or

Consider whether computers are depicted differently from robots and why this is the case.