The Role of a Building Manager

Using your organization charts, schedule of tasks and other information from Step #1, complete
the following tasks as project manager of the fast-food building project:
1. List the tasks and sub-tasks required to bid the project to a general contractor using a
design-assist approach under a Cost-Plus w/GMP contract. Outline the bid process that
you will implement to select the general contractor.
2. Assume that your contract with the general contractor requires you to oversee and
approve the selection of all subcontractors for the project, but leaves the overall
responsibility for the buy-out with the General Contractor. Describe your plan to manage
and coordinate the buy-out process with the general contractor.
3. Using your information from items 1 and 2, above, prepare a procurement schedule.
4. Prepare an outline or template for your monthly progress report to the Owner. List all
back-up documentation that you will include in your report each month.

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