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The Relationship between the United States and South Korea

write a 13 pages paper explaining the relationship between United States and South Korea, giving sufficient schoalr evidence.

TheUnited States and North Korea first agreed to have peaceful relations during the year 1892. They signed the Treaty of Peace to commit each other to the terms they had agreed on. However, the peace between the two countries was interrupted by Japan. Japan took over the foreign affairs of Korea since it had taken over Japan as a colony. In 1948 however after the country had gotten its independence from Japan, it split into two countries which are North and South Korea.
The United States supported South Korea against North Korea after China attacked South Korea in defense of North Korea. These countries, North Korea and South Korea, have had a complicated relationship with each other. The relationship between the United States and South Korea has been difficult. Nobody could have predicted that both countries would, later on, dislike each other since the USA came to aid South Korea at war. The United States imposed sanctions on South Korea because of its manufacture of nuclear weapons.

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