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The Relationship Between Sound, Music and Performers

Sound and music have been a subject of discussion for many years. As human beings grow they learn more things and their taste and preferences evolve. At a tender age,one does not know anything. It is until parents, other family members, friends,teachers, and the music industry help us to understand what sound and music entail (Krenz 2012). A Sound can be described as the vibration of air particles that travel from a vibrating object that makes a noise to someone’s ear.

Conversely, music is a form of art and entertainment that is composed of an organized combination of sounds which make people dance or find it interesting. Music cannot exist without sound, but sounds can be produced without music. Thus, all artistic works that are musical are made up of sounds.

Music is a crucial aspect of people’s culture across the globe. It brings people from different backgrounds and other social circles together especially when they meet in beautiful places to listen to music and dance. Sound and music have been used as mediums of expression to bring about happiness, peace and to depict the nature of situations or circumstances. The actions and vocals of a performer reveal the nature of the situation or the message that they are trying to put across. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between sound,music, the performers and the prevailing situation. It is imperative to focus on explaining the relationship between sounds, music, performers/composers as well as how music can move the audience depending on the message or nature of the situation.

The Relationship Between Sound and Music

Sound and Music are closely related, and as stated in the introductory, music cannot exist without sound, but sound can exist without music. A sound is brought about by the disturbance of an object that is capable of producing it in a way that living things can detect with parts of their body. A sound can be intentional, unintentional, disorganized or organized and may be caused by human beings, animals or any object which can disturb another object (Krenz,2012).

Music is an organized set of sound which is purposely created by human beings to convey a message of any kind. Human beings use improvised or unique instruments to generate noise and produce music for entertainment and communication. For instance, in early centuries horns and trumpets were used to inform people about an impending occasion. In the contemporary world,individuals express their message, emotions, and feelings through sound and music.

The Relationship Between Music and The Performer

Performance is an essential component when it comes to music. A song or music is always composed by an artist commonly referred to as a composer. For music to be more meaningful, there must be a performer or a creative interpreter. The more creative, perfect and brilliant interpretations of an artist, the more he or she is exposed to his or her artistic persona. A performer is an executor rather than a composer and must be ready to use their talent to accomplish their desires as an artist (Taruskin, 1995).

When the traits of skill and abilities of a performer are coupled with his aspiration, he gains courage and strength which are critical in accomplishing the purpose of sound, ideas, and images that accompany a song or music. According to Krenz, a composer should study people’s reactions to specific sounds.

There is a strong connection between a composer and a performer. A performer must understand the significance of the authorship and composition while a composer must support and influence an interpreter (Van Zijl, Toiviainen, Lartillot& Luck, 2014). A composer could be an interpreter or performer of his music. This combination is likely to be more fruitful and could lead to the practical achievement of artistic goals.

Research Questions

Main research questions

  • What is the relationship between sound, music, and performance?


  • What is sound and how does it affect the music?
  • How does sound and music influence the actions and reactions of the audience?
  • How does music influence the actions of a performer?

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