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The Python Code


Modify the Python code “” to reproduce images similar to the figures shown on the right.

For each question, please submit both
a) the figure produced by the python code and
b) the altered code.

Note: It is important that you only include the code that you alter! Otherwise your submission will be much too large and will not be graded. I have included the answer to the first question to show you what I am expecting.

1.) z=(cos x cos y) e-(√(x^2+y^2))/4


Lines 10-14

Set XY Plotting Grid



Lines 24-29

Define function to be plotted f(x,y)

def r(x,y):
return np.sqrt(x2+y2)

def f(x,y):
return (np.cos(x)np.cos(y))np.exp(-r(x,y)/4)

2.) z=(xy2)/(x2+y2)

3.) z=1/(4×2+y2)

4.) z=e(-y ) cos x

5.) z=(xy(x2-y2))/(x2+y2)

6.) z=y2-y4-x2

7.) z=1+cos(x2+y2)

8.) z=-4/(1+x2+2y2)

9.) z=-x/√(x2+y2)

10.) z=x4/(x4+y2)

11.) z=(2x2y)/(x4+y2)

12.) z=(2xy)/(x^2+y^2)

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