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The Preparation of the Final Research Project for Math 361 (2018)

The final project is aimed at putting the knowledge the students learned in the classes to a test by actually requiring them to perform a “copy-research” project. A “copy-research” project typically involves a few well-defined steps. First, a student is asked to find a formal research paper published in the area of mathematical biology by themselves (in consultation with the instructor).

Secondly, he/she reads and studies the paper carefully, and probably but not necessarily, a small number of other related papers to gain full understanding of the motivation and background of the research involved in the paper. Thirdly, he/she will reproduce one or more of the main results published in the paper. Fourthly, he/she will compare and discuss his/her results with those published in the original paper. Finally, he/she is asked to provide some critical comments on the research work and provide his/her own opinions on how the research work might be extended or improved.

Quality of project report will be judged and marks given based on six criteria:

Student’s ability to find a scientific reference on a biomathematical model of his/her interest.
Student’s ability to learn and correctly understand the background history of the research work.
Student’s ability to identify the main motivation(s) of the research work.
Student’s ability to reproduce at least a small part of the results in the work.
Student’s ability to make critical judgement of results obtained in this research work (pros and cons).

Student’s ability to make suggestion(s) for potential improvement/extension of the research work. (Here the important thing is to have new ideas of your own. Marks will be given based on if you have got them of your own but not on if your ideas are necessarily scientifically correct or sound.)
The project report should be 5 pages or longer but not exceeding 30 pages including graphics and references.

It should be typed in Word or other formats such as LaTeX. Only a hard copy attached with the print of the research paper based on which your project is performed is accepted. Electronic report sent over by email by the deadline will NOT be accepted and result in a mark of zero for the project.

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