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The Persistence of Memory

You are to write about some of the major art movements that also happened to coincide with the World Wars; you can focus on the years before, during, and after World War I, World War II, or both as a comparison. What art movements would you focus on and why? How are they representative of the effects of war and the attempt to raise public awareness? How does the art movement and/or artwork reflect the technology, ideas, and innovations of the period? Is there any evidence of influence from one period to another? If so, how can you tell in the examples you chose?

Which examples from the study guide (at least 2) as well as images we have not looked at in class (at least 3) will you choose? Your essay can be a minimum of 3 pages but must not exceed 5 pages.

The paintings are
From the study giude are
1/ The Persistence of Memory

2/ Guernica pablo picasso

Out of the study giude
3/ Paul Nash, Spring in the Trenches, Ridge Wood

4/ Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson, “Returning to the Trenches

5/ Percy Wyndham Lewis, A Battery Shelled