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The overall ’causes’ of crime

What is the assumption about the cause of deviance or criminality presented in the article? Think about the assumptions of the overall ’causes’ of crime that we have looked at over the semester. For example, does the article point to societal causes (such as poverty) or individual ones (like substance addiction or mental illness)? Support your point with evidence from the article.
What are two theories that could be used to understand the events described in the news article? How are the theories similar, and how are they different in their analysis of the crime? What are some of the limitations of each theory in relation to the deviance/crime in your article? Explain your reasoning with support from academic sources.
What would the suggested policies or solutions to the event described in the article be under both the theoretical explanations? What would the ‘social control’ actions be based on your chosen theories? You should present two policies/programs/social control actions for each theory. Explain your position clearly, connect your argument to your news article, and support your position with academic sources.