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The national patient safety goal

“Refer to example” Use the national patient safety goal template to complete this assignment and identify safety concerns pertaining to the policy that will be uploaded. The rider can research information pertaining to the policy ensuring that the sources are credible. The title is Hand-Off Communication. Identify key points from the policy and be sure that the goals are measurable. Also be sure the information from the policy is related to the goal. There must be five interventions as well as five rationales. The five rationales have to come from research. The care plan should be based off the policy as well. You may not have information that pertains to all the “goal.” Only put information to the ones that are pertinent. For example, if your policy does not have anything to do with critical labs you will not put anything for #15. Please refer to the rubric. Also, a teaching pamphlet is to be done for hand off communication. Please follow the rubric, an example is provided. This is to be done in APA 7.