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The movie, “Lean on Me”,

After watching the movie, “Lean on Me”, (Links to an external site.) with Morgan Freeman, explain how the film depicted the course concepts for the week and/or course and why the depiction was or was not meaningful. Identify at least two lessons learned that are related to the course (HINT: interact with course materials with in-text citations)? What suggestions might you give to Mr. Clark to effectuate different and perhaps more satisfying (or even prosperous) results? You need to include at least 3 quotes from the piece to back up your arguments.

Name of Course taking: HRM 310 Organizational Development
Book being used: Organization Development A Jossey-Bass Reader
Objectives/Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the week, students will know and be able to:
• Describe how theories and models of planned change, when applied effectively, contribute to successful organizational change.
• Describe the importance of feedback to groups so that readiness for change can be supported and resistance to change can be overcome.
• Examine case studies, movies, and literature to evaluate effectiveness or lack of when change was applied.