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The mean world syndrome

The mean world syndrome

ESSAY: watch “The mean world Syndrome” and write an essay that includes the following elements. Please label each part, i.e Introductory paragraph, ect.

Intro paragraph: Clearly state the purpose of the essay (i.e, This essay will do the following…)

Impacts of watching Violence in TV: (HINT: be sure to discuss the mean world syndrome and what is mean by “cultivation”. Be sure to give several examples from the video.)

Human Costs of watching Violence on TV: (Hint: The negative portrayal of different categories of people? Be sure to give several specific examples from the video)

Impact of the video on you? How will having viewed the video affect your thinking about or the way you watch TV in the future?
The video “The mean world syndrome” is the ONLY source for this essay.
Please include in text citation, and example of citing a vid in a text would be (Video)
When you find the video and in order to watch it need to pay an amount, please let me know and ill pay it. Thank you. Please don’t forget to use in-text citation.

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