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The Lovers I (1928) by René Magritte

Pick a work of art from your textbook. (The Lovers I, 1928 by René Magritte) This is the one you will be recreating at home with things you have around. Get creative! (I will be recreating this art work…… ignore this part)
• Do research on that work of art on at least 5 external sources.
• Write an analysis paper pointing out the relevant visual symbology used in that work of art. What did the imagery mean then (when the work was created)?
• Explain the creative choices of your recreation. What substitutes did you do? Why? What does the imagery mean now?
• Submit a word document that include images of the original work of art and an image of your recreation .
• Your writing must be at least 5 pages in length. Remember you have to do research on this image BEFORE recreating it.
• This writing should include: an introduction with a clear thesis statement, body of text developing the ideas for this writing, and a conclusion.
• Include cover page and bibliography.
• Use MLA writing style for in text citations and formatting to complete this project.