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The long-term effects of Hurricane Sandy before, during and After, the storm, to both infrastructure and human life

The long-term effects of Hurricane Sandy before, during and After, the storm, to both infrastructure and human life

The topic of the paper must be a significant Emergency Management related issue and come from one of the chapters of your course textbook. I must see references within your paper from your textbook that supports your paper. However, use the topic from the textbook and the correlating references only as a start, as the bulk of your paper should be derived from quality outside research and references. I give extra consideration and appreciation for students who “localize” their issue to their state or region, or in others words, who “bring it home.” The paper itself should be written as though you were preparing it for a presentation in front of emergency management practitioners, with only superficial knowledge of the issue. This cannot be a topic either whole or in part utilized for any other paper in any other course. Remember that you must submit this paper to the Turnitin Drop Box. Trust that high similarity scores will simply not be accepted and/or will be graded accordingly in conjunction with this assignment

By the third week, each student will provide me with a one paragraph topic proposal, for my approval, of the specific emergency management topic selected. If you have difficulty finding an issue, I will guide you. While the summary allows me to give you individual feedback early on, I encourage you to touch base with me about your research as needed. Your proposal may also be in the form of a rough draft of your paper which adheres to the required outline that clearly shows me you are progressing well and on the right track.

Final papers must follow the format below. Include the following headings in your Final Paper: Introduction, Background/History, Analysis, Alternatives, Recommendations (if any) Conclusion.

  1. Introduction

In this section you should specifically identify and define the emergency management issue you are studying and outline its importance. You can also use this section to limit the issue (i.e., describe the aspects of the issue that you will not touch upon).

  1. Background/History

In this section you should briefly describe the history of the issue, literature review, trends and its current status. You can also provide context by describing relevant developments in other localities, states or countries. Using the literature, identify and define the principles and strategies of your topic that create attention toward it.

III. Analysis

In this section, you should get to the heart of the matter, choosing from two or more of the following to assist in your analysis: Contrast the roles played by different levels of government, international, and volunteer organizations in their response to counter and combat your specific topic; differentiate between ethical and unethical attitudes and actions regarding the execution of practices associated with your homeland security topic; identify the characteristics, ideologies, motives and behaviors of various extremist and terrorist groups associated with your topic; understand how the emergency management related organization is lead and managed in relation to your topic.

  1. Alternatives

Most Issues have some alternatives. In some cases there may be essentially two options (“yes, we should do this”, and “no, we should not”). With each alternative you must also specifically describe advantages and disadvantages of the proposed alternative.


  1. Recommendations/Conclusion

In this section you have an opportunity to provide limited personal reflection on your topic, insofar as recommendations toward improvement of current practices are concerned. You must be specific about how you reached your conclusions and on what evidence you based your recommendation. Summarize your paper and wrap up with some closing comments.

NOTE: Support all information with academically qualified references; however, emphasis should also be placed on original thought. The goal of the paper is give you the experience of identifying and defining the practices, principles, dilemmas, strategies, etc. that surround emergency management practices and issues.

Submission Requirements: The paper should be typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, and must be no less than eight pages in length (not including title page, abstract, works cited section, and any supplementary material), which means I should not receive a paper less than 11 pages in length . Full citations are expected, with a minimum of five academic sources, one of which can be your textbook (Wikipedia is not an academic source.) Cite all research references using the APA citation style. Papers are evaluated based on the students’ ability to synthesize the material and provide a critical analysis of the emergency management issue. This paper should reflect college-level work in content, appearance, organization, grammar, and effort. Please refer to the Academic Integrity Section of this syllabus for specific information regarding submission of this and all other course assignments.