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The language of food

This is research on language and food linguistic. Your work is to explore the relationship between food and the language of the Korean people.

The Korean people overly speak the same language with very limited differences only found on their dialects. The language is spoken by more than 75 million Koreans. The Korean language is the official forum of communication for individuals living in North and South Korea. This language has an influence on how people perceive and consume food. The formulation and ingredients used in the food are also influenced by the language that the people in the region speak.

Korean language and food

Korean meal contains different colors such as red, yellow, black, green and white. Since more than 48 million people live and speak the Korean language in South Korea and approximately 24 million live and speak the same language in North Korea, they share the same kinds of food. It is also reported that there are more than 2 million speakers in China, approximately 1 million in the United States, and about 500,000 in Japan

Korean food linguistic 


Korean meals typically contain at least five different colors (green, red, yellow, white and black). This wallop results in a wide variety of tastes and textures that thrill the palate.

Koreans don’t just eat to quiet a grumbling stomach. They think of food as medicine. Each meal contains a healthy assortment of veggies that provide nourishment, keep organs in fighting form and boost immunity.

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