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The International HR Regime (HRGW)

• List your group number and the names of your group members from last Tuesday’s
breakout group exercise.
Assignment 2: What is the Global Human Rights Sub-Regime? (a couple of sentences)
• What is the Global Human Rights Regime (i.e., what Donnelly and Whelan refers as the
suite of “Global Multilateral Mechanisms”)? (Hint: it is part of the International Human
Rights Regime, which is a global governance mechanism seeking to address human
rights violations and including global, transnational, regional, and domestic human rights
regimes — Donnelly and Whelan define an “international regime” on page 18).
Remember to use citations.
Assignment 3: What is the Regional Human Rights Sub-Regime? (a paragraph or so)
• What is the Regional Human Rights (Sub-)Regime? Who are the main regional actors,
according to Donnelly and Whelan? Provide an example of how one of these actors,
draws on norms and procedures, to enforce or protect human rights. Remember to use
specific in-text, author-date citations.
Assignment 4: White Power Extremism as Symptom, not Exception (a couple of
• In the Introduction of It Can Happen Here, the author states that the white power
extremism that surfaced during the Trump presidency at moments like Charlottesville
were “a symptom – not an exception.” What does the author mean?
Assignment 5: Charlottesville Teach-In (a paragraph or so)
• President Trump famously stated that there were “very fine people on both sides” of the
2017 Charlottesville / Unite the Right violence. What conclusions emerged from the
author’s Charlottesville Teach-In (Chapter One of It Can Happen Here) about Trump’s