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The interactive PBS video Warning

For this assignment, you will access the link below and view the interactive PBS video Warning: Your Hospital May Be Hazardous To Your Health. This video presents a series of critical challenges currently faced by our nation’s healthcare agencies and emphasizes a number of organizational concerns related to hospital patient care. You will have the opportunity to examine each of the organizational concerns in greater depth by clicking on prompts provided during the broadcast. You are encouraged to navigate these prompts as they provide patient perspectives as well as important statistics that pertain to the six assumptions presented in the video.

After watching the six segments of the video and reviewing the respective interactive portions of each segment, you are to submit a brief response to the content of the broadcast. Following the same guidelines used to complete Individual Assignment #1, compose a short statement that addresses the following question: If you were the chief administrator of one of our local hospitals, which of the six issues noted in the video do you feel warrants the most immediate attention. State your reason(s) for selecting this issue as most significant.