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The integration of Christianity and Psychology

Description: This assignment requires you to use empirical research to evaluate and explore an area of interest (Personality) within the realm of integrating Psychology and Christianity.

Purpose: Throughout this course, you have been learning the importance of integration and building upon a topic of your choosing (Personality) via the annotated bibliography. You will now be synthesizing the information learned into a focused research paper demonstrating both the conceptualization of integrating Psychology and Christianity, and practical research being done currently.

1. Include a title page, abstract, references page, and 8 pages of content.
2. Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double spacing, and 1” margins.
3. For the introduction, be sure to set up the importance of this particular topic, situating it briefly in context. At the end of the introduction should be a thesis statement that guides the following synthesis of research.
4. For the body, be sure to include an overview of the how this topic intersects integration of Psychology and Christianity, empirical details of this topic, themes, etc. You will then synthesize the findings into a coherent narrative.
5. For the conclusion, summarize your analysis and note the practical implications/applications. Note areas of further exploration that will be important to study.
6. Avoid first and second person pronouns and be sure to use past tense when describing completed research.
7. Current APA format must be followed.