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The influence of media on women’s perception of beauty and the harm to the mind and body

Proposal or Prospectus

My research question is “The influence of media on women’s perception of beauty and the harm to the mind and body, ”I am very interested in this proposal because I have some female friends who pay special attention to what they look like in others’ eyes. So they have been losing weight, but they are very slim, one girl also went to extremes to eat diet pills, drink whitening fluid to try to make their skin white tender. Because she is too extreme pursuit of such beauty has led to her stomach has been not good, the whole person is very weak but she never stopped this extreme method of beauty. I’ve also heard that many people even throw up after eating to stay slim. I once heard a girl in the bathroom spew on me after eating in a restaurant. Such a series of extreme behaviors do great harm to our body and seriously affect our physical and mental health. Many people feel inferior about their original looks to cater to the public aesthetic. In some countries, women are required to wear high-heeled shoes and skirts at work, but they have to stand for a long time at work.

Maintaining the image of the company to cater to the public aesthetic has resulted in the fatigue and even bone deformation caused by the long-term wearing of high heels by women. The media has been telling us that girls are supposed to be sexy, tall and beautiful, almost all the models are slim, sexy and tall and attractive, but almost all the photos in the advertisement are photoshopped. Men in the media also want to tall attractive muscular a strong body, to send out the male wild and manly. Therefore, the widespread of aesthetics through the media has influenced people’s views on healthy aesthetics, leading many people to change everything for beauty. We should reject deformed and harmful aesthetics and recognize the false information provided by advertisements.

2 My idea is that beauty comes in many forms and is undefined. Therefore, we should pursue a healthy, happy and happy life. Only by maintaining our attitude can we have our unique beauty. My primary resource may be the academic type of articles I find because I think such articles are more persuasive. The secondary resource I may cite some articles I find useful on Google or some examples of advertisements. I am mainly looking for examples from academic articles to prove my arguments and arguments. I need to find some points in the article that illustrate the impact of media on our physical and mental health. I will use some logic to argue my opinion and mention some personal experiences I have met or heard in it.

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