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The Impact of Technology on the New and Old Generation

The Impact of Technology on the New and Old GenerationJournal #1 and 2 for this week: use the in-class freewriting activities to complete and post the following. I’ll be responding to these before we meet for conferences.

#1: Synthesize 2 more sources, building on one of your main supporting points (a because claim) from your argument … be sure to explain how these intersections help support your point / thesis. Start with a topic sentence that reflects your argument point, be sure to interpret the source material in terms of how it helps support that topic sentence point / idea.
#2: Choose 2 different sources to pair – related to the counterargument (the “nay sayer” or devil’s advocate point) you identified. Synthesize the source voices in relation to the counterargument you identify as important to your argument thesis – Create one paragraph that synthesizes AND explains
How does their conversation illustrate or support a counterargument you need to deal with?
How will you weave in ideas of the 2 sources in this conversation of support / explanation / disagreement / counter-argue?

NOTE: i will download my argument research paper to help u get some information about my subject as well as to understand the main points of this assignment.
NOTE: make sure to provide 4 trusted sources that have a relevant to the subject.
NOTE: each question should be in a page.
NOTE: use the sources on my research paper.
NOTE: please read my research paper before writing anything.
NOTE: this assignment is a journal entry.
NOTE: please use clear and easy words because I’m an international student.

If u have any question please ask me. Thank u

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