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The impact of COVID 19

Identify the impact of COVID 19 on your city. Identify, explain, and show how
the spread of this virus, and efforts to thwart it, have altered the experience of urban life in your community, no
matter where it is you live. Choose ONE or ALL of the following research paths:
1. COVID 19 has impacted my community in regards to how space is being used.
2. COVID 19 has impacted how people interact with each other.
3. COVID 19 makes the inequality of the urban landscape more pronounced.
4. COVID 19 has encouraged new strategies and efforts that reshape how we use our communities.
After you’ve chosen one of the four categories above, you must safely go into the field and make your
observations. Wear a mask and maintain social distancing or observe repeatedly from a safe location. I’m not
asking you to do anything unsafe. Take photos and detailed notes. Meticulously document what is going on. Be
thorough. Don’t just drive through an area quickly or write about what you think you already know. That is not
what we’re looking for. I want a detailed explanation, approximately 1,500 words, telling me exactly what you
see, what is happening, who is involved, etc. How has COVID 19 changed urban space as you see/use it? For
example, if you choose #1, (how COVID19 has impacted your community in regards to how space is being
Explain how space was being used before and how it is being used now. Write
about what you carefully observed. Describe. Describe. Describe. Don’t be vague. Convince me of what is
taking place. Just how is urban space being used differently? Look closely. Focus in on a block, a storefront, an
intersection, a school, a street vendor, a bus stop, the bus itself, or anything that you deem important to your