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The immune system

The immune system is a daunting system to cover. However, it is critical for a healthcare professional to
understand how the immune system works. This week you will provide a written response that analyzes the
mechanism of action for the three lines of defense in the immune system.
Assignment Expectations:
You will write a 2000-2250 word essay, not including the Title and References pages (typed, 12 point font,
double spaced).
In addition, I have included a link to research article (Item 10). You should read and provide a review of this
article in item 10.
Required Topics to Address:
Physical barriers, the first line of defense
The second line of defense, the innate immune system
Immunological Surveillance
The third line of defense, humoral immunity
Antibody structure and classes
The third line of defense, cell-mediated immunity
Vaccines and pseudoscience (review this article and provide a summary: