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The HR Diagram Graph

Download and print out the HR Diagram Graph If you do not have access to a printer, you can draw this graph out on a piece of scratch paper. You will be drawing on this graph. When you are done with the data collection you will scan this page into a PDF file, either with a scanner or with GeniusScan on your phone.
Have open Stellarium (you can use the web version for this lab, but the How-To Video will be based on the download version)
Answer these Questions:
1. Orion is located in one of our galaxy’s spiral arms. Based on what you answered above, what can you say, in general, about the stars in the spiral arms of our galaxy, regarding luminosity and temperature?
2. Similarly, Hercules is located in the region perpendicular to the arms. In general, what can you say about the stars in this region of the galaxy, regarding luminosity and temperature?
3. Given what you know about the stars in Orion and Hercules and where those stars are located in the Galaxy, contrast the environment of the spiral arms against the environment of the region of the galaxy perpendicular to the arms. Your answer should specifically describe differences in the amount of gas and star formation in these two regions of the galaxy.