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The House on Mango Street

The House on Mango Street

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Using what you have learned about Cultural Studies Criticism from both the textbook (pg. 707) and the video lecture, choose one of the short stories in Chapter 12 from Weeks 6-7 readings and craft a paper using this style of literary criticism to discuss one aspect of the story. The stories from which you may choose are:
Sandra Cisneros “The House on Mango Street”
In your choice of focus for this short paper, you might review what you wrote about in the Discussions forum to see if it could be expanded into a larger paper. The assigned questions are meant to bring you closer to ideas you might use for this paper. Cultural Studies Criticism examines culture, but tenders Marxist ideologies in its evaluative focus. The intersection of race, class, and gender are heavily considered in the examination of political issues present in the text. Any text, therefore, is part of a “dynamic social process” (Kennedy & Gioia 707). The effect of culture on art, therefore, cannot be ignored. Since you have just written a paper using Sociological Criticism, elements of this theory are present in Cultural Studies Criticism; however, there is less focus on the author and more focus on the culture of the time period and place originating within the piece.

Note: Assume your readers have read the story (do not summarize it). Additionally, do not overview the critical theory.

Paper requirements:

Length 750-1000 words (text of paper)
1” margins
Times New Roman 12 point font
MLA (formatting of paper and citations; story should be cited w/proper in-text citations to note references to the text).
The only source used for these papers should be the assigned reading. This will give you further practice working with primary research.

THE TEX BOOK IS Kennedy, X.J. and Cioia, Dana. (2010). An Introduction to Fiction. 11th ed. Boston: Pearson, 2010. Print.

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