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The history of air pollution

a. Summarize the history of air pollution given in Section 13-1 of our textbook.
b. Describe the layers of the atmosphere and the altitudes at which they occur.
c. What is the purpose of a wind rose? How is it helpful?
d. Explain three types of temperature inversions and how they occur.
e. Why are particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and ozone of such importance that they are criteria pollutants under the NAAQS?
f. What is the range of particle size for smoke?
g. Describe three international initiatives to control global warming.
h. Explain three technologies to improve indoor air quality.
i. If the concentration of ozone in a neighborhood is 90 ppb, what is its concentration in micrograms per cubic meter (ug/m3) at 25oC and 1 atmospheric of pressure?
j. Describe three air pollution control strategies listed on page 374 of our textbook.
k. Explain how an electrostatic precipitator works.