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The Great Depression

This essay has to be related to her impact during the Great Depression.

These are instructions from my professor:

You should place your subject in historical context and discuss, in a critical fashion, how he or she affected the course of events during the Great Depression (your individual may have continued to play a prominent role in his or her field after the depression, but you should focus on the period 1929- 42). Your report should define the dates of the person’s life, and explain the main features of his or her career. What were his or her principal experiences in life that shaped his or her ideology? With what other significant individuals, groups, or institutions did the person associate? You can place your subject in historical context by relating them to the material covered in class or in your other readings. For example, if you are writing a biography of Francis Townsend (leader of the “old-age” movement), you might compare and contrast his alternative to the New Deal with that of Huey Long or Father Coughlin.