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-The gender pay gap/Working with a disability/Ageism/Pregnant and working;(diversity in the workplace)

-The gender pay gap/Working with a disability/Ageism/Pregnant and working;(diversity in the workplace)

TO chose a subtopic of this theme (diversity in the workplace), and write 800 words on that subtopic.

Examples of subtopics:
-The gender pay gap
-Working with a disability
-Pregnant and working
(5) Good
(4) Satisfactory
(3) Insufficient
(2) Poor
1. Introduction &definition of issue / sub-topic (5)

Identify and clearly explain a distinctive aspect of a contemporary career issue with reference to key ideas and examples. Creates a comprehensive explanation of a contemporary career issue, offering a clear and engaging description of the issue with reference to course readings and additional resources. Describes a contemporary career issue, providing detail on the main aspects of the topic including what makes it topical, referencing subject readings. Provides a general description with some explanation of an issue, with reference to either course readings or other credible sources. Provides a basic description of a career issue but lacks detail or uniqueness. May show a lack of understanding of the key aspects of the issue; such as what makes it topical / contemporary. Provides minimal information showing limited understanding of the issue and an inability to connect it to either career theory or practice. May overlap with other topics chosen by the group.
2. Information and ideas(5)
Outline tips or strategies to help individuals successfully navigate the issue in their own career or workplace, and / or refer to relevant policies and support provided by organisations.
Provides relevant, accessible and useful information. Shows good insights and understanding. Articulates in detail a range of appropriate tips, strategies and/or support available, thoroughly addressing the identified issue. Provides in depth insight and strong examples or scenarios to support assertions. Information provided relates directly to the issue and offersrelevant, practical support.
Information is generally relevant but lacks insight or practical application.
Provides or indicates at least one tip, strategy or support service which could assist readers in dealing effectively with the issue. Provides general examples or scenarios. Information and ideas are basic. Provides a tip, strategy, support option or policy but gives little or no explanation of its relevance or practical application. No evidence of analysis of appropriateness of chosen strategy / service. Examples or scenarios used may lack relevance or accurate explanation. Doesn’t provide tips, strategies or support options related to the issue or suggestions are not based on course readings or equivalent.
No examples or scenarios are provided.

3. Style, structure and written expression (5)

Follow the general online writing style and structure used in sample Wikipedia pages and resources outlined in Workshop 3, with online readers in mind.

Express ideas in a clear, engaging way using appropriate language and correct punctuation, spelling and grammar.
Sub-topic is written in line with required structure and style, using concise, active language.
Information flows in a logical, coherent sequence. A range of strategies are used to make information clear and engaging for online readers. May also demonstrate a creative approach to the issue.
Consistently correct punctuation, spelling and grammar.
Sub-topic demonstrates wiki style requirements and information is generally concise and well-organised. Includes at least two strategies to make information clear and engaging for online readers.
The writing is clear and appropriate. Use of punctuation, spelling and grammar is almost always correct. Sub-topic demonstrates the basic principles of wiki writing guidelines and structures information for online readership.Information is reasonably concise and well-organised.
The writing is quite clear but includes a number of errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar. Limited use of wiki style. Information is not very clear or well organised.
Spelling and/or grammatical errors diminish the credibility and authority of the information.
No evidence of adherence to wiki style guidelines or strategies to engage online readers. Information is disorganised and not easy to follow.
Poor written expression, punctuation, spelling and/or grammar.
4. References(5)

Content is clearly referenced to course readings, wider research and through hyperlinks.
Evidence provided of at least 4 credible sources. Hyperlinks provided within text as per wiki style. Evidence of more than two credible sources is provided in links / resources that clearly support strategies. References at least two different and relevant sources.
Provides maximum of one credible source for the information given.
No sources of information included in the way of links or references, and/or sources provided do not support suggested strategies / policies.

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