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The Financial Consequences of Leasing Versus Buying a Car

The financial consequences of leasing versus buying a car
I reason that for a student in college, buying a car is better than leasing one since the price is close enough. I chose Ford Fiesta 2019 whose price when new amounts to $14200. On the contrary, leasing the same car for a month would cost $192, $2300 for a year, and $9200 for four years.

After considering the monthly cash flow, the available savings for down payment and initial fees, how much one drives, how hard one is on the vehicle, how long one plans on having the car, as well as how flexible one needs to be, buying a car is better as opposed to leasing (PR Newswire).

Panda Express Restaurants Inc


Currently, Panda Express Restaurants Inc. have over 2000 store in the world and still building new store right now.

The problem is how we select good location to make over at least 2 million dollar a year, and make it happen. Opportunities:

1. New store location selection can make money for company. 2. Reduce pressure which store has high sales and very busy. 3. Let more people know Panda brand.


Make at 2 million dollars at first year. And make sure that store can continues make profits in the future.


 Select location which has lower rental fee.
 What kind of location it is. For example, there is business companies or residential area.
 Contact all department from government to get inspect and approve.
 Seek data of how many potential customers will come.
 Ask company to prepare the design for the location and make sketch.
 Contact financial department to get budget sales for first year sperate in every day.
 Business hours set up and employees hiring.

Success Criteria

 Make 2 million dollars in a year and neighbor stores will reduce pressure from more customers.
 Help and support neighbor store to hiring more people and send products when they need right way.
 Make more people know Panda Express company. 


 Ture resources from that are, numbers of people, the average salary they make, how many people will be our guests.
 What can block process for example can not pass inspect from government, such as health department, electricity issue and AC systems.
 Something will jeopardize the project such as landlord is support what we need. New hires can not be ready before open. Always change plan of people who make sketch.
 No enough community walk to let people who live around us know our new store open date.
 Area people don’t like Chinese food because they have other choice which mean potential competitors.
 New equipment does not work and shut down when store during open time.

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