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The Evolution of the Working class during the Victorian Age Period

New and Original work. This is a Progress Report that will later lead to an Essay. I would like the teacher that is completing this Progress Report to after this is complete finish out the Essay when that is due as well. My professor is requesting a Progrees Report of two pages that includes the topic of the paper, introduction, thesis, and 3 sources cited MLA style that will be used on the paper. I have attched the grading rubric that you should go by as well as a description of the Progress Report needed as well as the essay. As you can see when you read the discription you can pick the topic you would like to use. I have picked below. I also have attached the poems that I would like for you to use as well. You will have to cite 3 other sources you are going to use for the paper on the Progress Report. Two of the sources have to be Scholarly Sites on the Social or Historical Issue being discussed. I put a star on the paper that decribes what the Progress Report is.

Topic- The Evolution of the Working class during the Victorian Age Period

Poems- Elizabeth Browning “The Cry of the Children” and Charles Dickens “Coketown” ( I have attached copies of the poems from the book)

If you have any question please feel free to let me know.

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