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The effects of the US China trade war and how trade barriers affect firm performance

Introduction: An interesting question or problem. Present the question you are trying to address and include some background review. The introduction is also the place to provide a brief summary of your main findings.
In the last paragraph, you present your audience what you are going to do in the following sections, and tell them what your key findings are.

Literature Review: Brief the literature the topic,Critically analyze the past literature.Explain your contribution in more detail:How is your approach different from what has been done before.

Data/Methodology: This paper must have some sort of regression Describe your data and discuss your empirical strategy outline an explain. Specification and explain each of the variables and the parameters of interest.
Explain: Why is this the correct specification? (ex. OLS, panel regression)
Was it derived from theory? Has it been used in previous empirical work?
Why are certain variables included and others not?

Results: Present your results with the help of Tables and Figures
Discussion: Highlight key results, discuss policy implications.
Conclusions: Summarize your work.

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