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The effect of cadence on electromyographic activity within the Gastrocnemius during overground running

The effect of cadence on electromyographic activity within the Gastrocnemius during overground running.
Needs to include a 300-word max abstract
Description on what EMG is and overview of overground running
Literature Review
10 participants age 29.2 years ± 8.48, weight 77.21kg ± 13.44, Height 1.75m ± 0.09m
All healthy adults with prior running experience
Asked to wear suitable sports clothing, warmup included 3 minutes on a watt bike before several laps of the lab with regular running form, high knees and then high heels.
EMG electrodes were then attached to the dominant leg (right leg on all participants) and three maximum voluntary contractions (MVC’s) were recorded (standing calf raise) and the highest result of these trials used to move forward.
Participants were then asked to run across a Kistler force plate at speeds of 150 and 170 cadence for three trials each then the results were filtered through Matlab (MATLAB (version 2019b) was used [for further software info]) to zero-mean off-set and filter the data using a 4th order (20Hz low pass Butterworth Filter), this needs to be referenced to similar work.
Once the data was processed, it was cut into a single stride and then converted into a percentage of the previously recorded MVC’s and then presented as this for both the mean readings of the stride and the max readings of the stride (see results table), this result represents the average of the tree trials. For each cadence.
EMG Placement details obtained from but further referencing to justify placements would be advantageous
*EMG electrode 3 = Gastrocnemius Medialis & EMG electrode 4 = Gastrocnemius Lateralis
**Force Plate data was also obtained concurrently for other dissertation projects
***Vicon Nexus version 2.8.1 gate modelling software, Kistler force plates and Vicon 3D cameras (Vantage V8, eight-megapixel resolution with a 2000 hertz frame rate)were used (see figure below) tags for camera to track were affixed at the 16 below listed locations.