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The Disruptive Technology in Electrical Engineering

Choose a current Electrical or Computer Engineering (ECE) topic that interests you. Each topic must be unique (e.g. no two students can select the same topic and approved by instructor). A good way to choose your topic might be to consider the disruptive technology paper.

For example, if you choose automated cars, then a good topic for this paper might be “advances in LIDAR for automated cars”, or “millimeter wave antenna design for automated cars”, or “cutting-edge signal processing methods for identifying pedestrians”, etc. A sample topic related to network technology would be “applications of graph theory in social networks”.  One you find a topic, you must choose a thesis.

The Main Questions

Here are some questions to consider when developing your essay. You do not need to answer the questions in order, and you may not need to answer all of these questions in your paper.

  • What kind of electrical engineering technology enables a disruptive technology?
  • Is your ECE topic part of a disruptive technology?
  • How does the information in the sources connect with your own life? What associations can you make?
  • What will be the possible impacts to society?
  • Is there anything about your topic that you agree with, reject, or wonder about?
  • Do the sources related to your topic contain ideas that lead you to speculate,reflect, or make predictions about the future?

Organization of Content:

Each paragraph must begin with a topic sentence, cover all thoughts regarding a single idea/issue, and should possibly end in a transition sentence that primes the reader for the next paragraph.

Section 1: Introduction

            Your introductory section should include the following information:

  1. Identification of the ECE topic and your sources for information about the topic.
  2. A short summary of your chosen topic.

3)  Thesis Statement – Your claim about your chosen topic (For example: “Advances in LIDAR for automated cars will revolutionize…..”

Section 2: Response Section

  • Your first reason your topic is important,revolutionary, and how its potential impact on society.
  • You must support your claim with evidence from one or more of your approved sources.

Section 3: Response Section

  • Your second reason your topic is important, revolutionary, and why you might be interesting in working with your chosen technology.
  • You must support your claim with evidence from one or more of your approved sources.

Section 4: Response Section

  • Possible negatives aspects, downsides, or ethical issues to your chosen technology.
  • You can use evidence from your sources or your own logical evidence.

Section 5: Conclusion

 Restate your perspective on your chosen topic and remind readers of your thesis.

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