The Cuban Missile Crisis

After reading “What can be learned from the past?” and “Soviet deception in the Cuban Missile Crisis,” identify cognitive shortfalls associated with individual or group perception, memory, analysis, or biases associated with “Operation Anadyr.” The format and contents of the paper are attached; it specifies the required elements. Please review the “lesson notes” prior to starting your paper.

Cuban Missile Podcast by Robert Bier

Critical Thinking and Intelligence Analysis (CTIA)
Available on-line at: h

  • What can be Learned From the Past?

CIA Studies in Intelligence: Soviet Deception in the Cuban Missile Crisis
Available on-line at:

Psychology of Intelligence Analysis (PIA)
Available on-line at:

  • Chapter 4: Strategies for Analytical Judgment
  • Chapter 7: Structuring Analytical Problems
  • Chapter 8: Analysis of Competing Hypotheses

Tradecraft Primer: Structured Analytical Techniques for Improving Intelligence Analysis
Available on-line at:

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Collecting Sale Tax is responsible for collecting sales tax on the products it sells. In addition, it often collects money from customers for goods that are on “backorder.” Unfortunately, Sophia is unfamiliar with how these transactions should be recorded.

Use the list of transactions involving the sale of merchandise and the collection of sales tax and the receipt of money from customers for goods that are on “backorder,” and record them in the general journal. This information can be found in the provided Excel spreadsheet.
Task 7
Sophia is also responsible for accounting for’s payroll. Over the past year, has doubled its workforce. As a result, Sophia wants to make sure that she is deducting the appropriate amount of taxes from the employees’ paychecks and that is paying the correct amount of payroll taxes.

She gives you’s summary payroll data at the end of Year 3 along with payroll tax information (Social Security, Medicare, state unemployment, and federal unemployment). She then asks you to prepare the summary journal entry on December 31 for the full year’s payroll and then make the adjusting entry to record’s payroll taxes.

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