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The competitiveness of energy intensive industries

How did the „Energiewende“ impact the German energy sector and the competitiveness of energy intensive industries

1. Introduction (1000 words)
– Energiewende (energy transition) and the drivers (such as
Fukushima nuclear disaster
– Phasing out of nuclear energy and coal
– German Energy mix (statistics from 1990-2019)
– Primary Source of Energy (statistics from 1990-2019)
– Renewable Energies (statistics from 1990-2019)
2. How did the outward FDI of energy-intensive industries in Germany being influenced by the Energiewende? (1500 words)
Energy-intensive industries are as definded as followed:
A. Manufacture of paper, paperboard and articles there of
B. Manufacture of chemical products
C. Manufacture of glass, glass products, ceramics, stone and earth
D. Manufacture of basic metals and metal processing
E. Manufacture of fabricated metal products