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The competitive environment of Disney

How is the competitive environment of Disney changing?
What is Disney’s overall strategy for adapting to its current environment? How has Covid19 impacted Disney?
Whatever Disney’s overall strategy is, what do you think Disney’s strategy ought to be? Is Disney on the right
track? Should it focus more on resembling or on differentiating itself from Netflix, for example?
Why did streaming services including Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu develop their own original programming?
How would you summarize the cornerstones of Quibi’s business strategy? How did Quibi try to distinguish itself
in the marketplace?
In retrospect, where did Quibi executives miscalculate? For example, where was their resource allocation less
than optimal? What did they fail to understand about their core customer base?
To what extent was Quibi simply the victim of lacking the right killer content to take off? Did Quibi need a
different strategy or did it simply need a short-form hit series?
What is your takeaway from this story? What are the key lessons to be drawn from the failure of Quibi in the
media industry?