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The Change You “Need”

We all have moments in life in which we say that we “need” to start doing something. Typically, however, we stop at just saying it and never actually begin the process of taking the first step toward doing it. The objective of this assignment is to offer you the opportunity to begin making a specific change that you’ve been saying you need to make.
This is a 5-day exercise, so please understand that this will take commitment on your part. If you decide to take on this challenge here’s what you’ll do…

Before you begin:

Think about what you’ve been doing and why you’ve been doing it. Develop an actionable plan for each day of the week. You need to clearly think about what the objective is, and set goals for each day and the entire week.

Action: Write down your entire plan.

1) What is the exact goal that you want to achieve?
2) What will you do each day to achieve it?
3) What will you do in the event that you’re struggling, and don’t want to follow through?
4) How will you boost your motivation and do it, especially when you don’t feel like it?
Write all of this down, and include it in your submission.
During the 5-day exercise:
Journal each day about your progress.
5) How are you doing?
6) What went well?
7) What didn’t go well?
Then, each day, decide if you need to change or modify anything that you’re doing in order to better meet your goal. Write down what changes you’re making, and why.
Include all of this in your submission.
After the week:
Once the week is over, now it’s time to reflect on your successes and failures.
8) Write about how you did, good or bad, positive or negative.
9) Discuss what you would do more of, or do different.
10) Also, include what you’ll do moving forward in order to continue strengthening and/or improving your new habit.

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