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The Book; Race in America

The authors devote the first ten chapters of Race in America to discussing what kind of society America is. In
Chapter 11, the authors turn the conversation around to ask each of us, “What kind of society do we want
America to be”? After discussing the “color-blind society” model and the “multicultural society model,” the
authors make it clear that they favor an approach that they call “Multiracial Democracy.”
This is a two-part question:
Describe the basic principles of the “Multiracial Democracy model,” and how it is similar to and different from
the ”Colorblind” and “Multicultural Society” models with regard to underlying values and assumptions.
To achieve a more racially just society, the authors discuss change strategies at the (a) individual level, (b) the
interpersonal level, (c) the institutional level and (d) the collective action level. While each level is important,
which do think is