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The book is: Lovenheim.

The book is: Lovenheim.I want you to answer these questions:
(The questions are from chapter 7 and 8)

1. Lovenheim spends time getting to know the street’s newspaper delivery man. What does his perspective add to the book? Can you surmise /guess how the delivery people in your own neighborhood would describe the prevailing attitudes there?

2. Lovenheim speaks of studies that attempted to determine the affect of the Internet on neighborhood relationships. What were the results? What were the weaknesses? What examples did he give. Do you have any personal examples of your own?

3. What strengths does he find? Give specific examples of how the internet has helped communities? Do you have any personal examples of your own to share? what were the strenthgs?

4. In chaper 8 bill Fricke observes, %60Without a dog, you could live next to someone for years and never know who they are.%60 How do the dogs of Sandringham Road (including Lovenheim’sdog Champ and Lou’s schnauzer Heidi) affect the relationships on the block? Do dogs play a socializing role where you live?

5. How are the newspaper carrier Brian and the pathologist Bill Fricke alike in their attitude toward networking in the neighborhood?

6. Bill Fricke says we move in %60isolation from each other.%60 Do you believe technology makes this isolation worse? Explain. How does Bill’s personal life attempt to address this problem?
Comments from Support Team: NOTE: that’s the name of the book: In the Neighborhood: The Search for Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time

I do not have a pdf file of the book.

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