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The Benefit of Codes of Ethics

Write a 2- to 3-page paper (double spaced) that identifies, summarizes, and applies a published code of ethics for your profession.
Using the internet and Library, locate an industry organization’s code of ethics. For example, the American Marketing Association, American Psychological Association, and the American Medical Association all have extensive codes of ethics. An excellent source is the Ethics Code Collection. Once you have located and examined the code, summarize the main points of the code. Provide an example of an ethical decision or issue that may arise in your profession. Explain how the code of ethics could be used to provide guidance regarding the decision or issue. Conclude your paper with an explanation regarding the importance and benefits of codes of ethics.
Content Requirements:
• Identify a professional code of ethics for your profession.
• Summarize the main points of the code.
• Demonstrate how the code of ethics can be applied to a specific ethical issue that could arise in that field.
• Explain the benefit of codes of ethics.
• Demonstrate consistency of your clearly established viewpoint throughout the paper and a clear logical flow as you apply ethical reasoning