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The Battered Women’s Movement

According to the readings, more than 25 years have passed since the beginnings of the alliance to gain equal rights and to end oppression against women. The vast majority of survivors of intimate partner violence are women. Summarize how the Battered Women’s Movement has sought out social change of the cultural values that enable oppressors to maintain control and power.
Now that intimate partner violence has been identified as a major social problem, various attempts have been made through legislation, prevention, and education in order to correct the problem. One example of a legislative attempt is the mandatory arrest-the aggressor policy at the scene of a domestic disturbance. Outline the pros and cons of officers following such a mandatory policy. Explain your opinion of this policy. Identify other examples, one prevention example and one education example, of various attempts made to correct the problem of intimate partner violence. Also, provide your opinion of whether or not these attempts have been successful and why. Posts should be at least 300 words.