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The assignment information:

The assignment information:
Assessment 3: Individual Case Study
Worth: 30%. A detailed marking scale will be provided in class.
General Instruction for the assignment:
Word Count: 1,500 to 2,000 words. The emphasis is on application of the humanperformance system and models to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the worksituation.
All managers are required to apply practices that maintain the performance of employees in allprocesses being executed throughout the organization. A human performance systemsapproach focuses on how management obtains consistent, high performance behaviours outof employees who are performing processes.
This assignment requires you to apply the concepts of human performance systems thinking toa process that you have some responsibility for (involvement) in your organization. Thoughtwill need to be given to the following questions:
How can the performance of an individual/a group be improved (and therefore processperformance) through the application of the elements of human performance systems?
To what extent is performance (and process) improvement attributable to the behaviour of theemployee/group of employees or attributable to the manager/management of theemployee/group of employees?
The assignment also requires application of some models and techniques taught inclass including balance of consequences, behaviour observation scales, jobresponsibility charts and process accountability matrices to the interaction ofpeople and a process in your organisation.
The assignment should be double spaced and appropriately referenced.

This is additional information has been sent to me by the supervisor that I need it to be consider:
Hello everyone
In my wrap-up about the requirements for Assignment Three last Wednesday afternoon I made some comments concerning referencing. I accept that there may be some ambiguity between what was said and the Marking Feedback Sheet provided for this assignment.
I thought that the point I was making was that the Assignment was not an academic exercise and referencing such as was required for the Research Assignment was not required in this instance. However, I accept that this could have been interpreted as ‘no references were required’.
Where either another person’s work is referred to, such as the author of a model, tool or technique, or a company document is either referred to or attached as an appendix then clearly these should be referenced as that person’s or organistion’s intellectual property.
However, the body of the work in this assignment will be based on your own application of the models, tools or techniques and your own commentary about the degree of fit and interpretation of the suitability, outcomes and findings and conclusions. I do not expect you to find academic references in support of these commentaries, findings and conclusions.

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