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The Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks also referred to Athenians were unique because of their beliefs, one been that they believed individuals should have freedom on condition that they should act within the Greece laws. This gave them the platform to excel in anything they put their mind to with individuality being the foundation of their society.This paper intends to discuss on the Ancient Greeks.

Ancient Greeks art

Athenian art are among the unique art in the world, they had great love for art to furnish there master building and architectural skills(Fine, and John VA 124).This artistic talent can be seen through their different forms of architectural designs,pottery,fine jewelry and sculptures.

Ancient Greeks soldiers

The soldiers were to serve a period of two years, one border front and another one in the garrison. When done with one year they were given a shield containing the states emblem, they were subjected to impromptu calls of duty until the moment they are age sixty. Most of the clashes and wars among the city states were caused by livestock and harvesting problems which could last a day or so. (Richardson, andBessie Ellen 96)

Ancient Greeks games

The Athens had Olympics games which were the greatest national festivals in Greece, athletes came from all regions to compete .(Konstan, and David 111))This was held after every 4 years in the Great stadium of Olympia with the most significant of all the competitions being the pentahol where each athlete had to compete in five different events


Ancient Greeks are among the largest contributors to modern day civilization. Philosophy, astrology, democracy, mathematics and physics are among the contributions to us. The civilization at that time was so much ahead of its time, whose knowledge will reign for the generations to come.

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