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The agency’s senior executive leadership expertise.

Describe the agency’s senior executive leadership expertise.
Critique the agency’s mission in comparison with its strategic plan.
Interpret the goals within the strategic plan for operational effectiveness.

Senior Leadership’s Actions Toward Improving Organizational Efficiency
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Performance management is an essential organizational tool that assesses each operational element of the agency to ensure robust practices are in place to meet organizational mission and objectives. The purpose of this assignment is to examine the leadership’s ability to drive improvements in agency performance.

For this assignment, you are the Director for the Performance Management Office at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tasked with evaluating performance for the last 6 months at your agency. You are to examine what senior leadership has done to add to educate the public regarding climate change. Specifically, you are to write a brochure for public release regarding updates on climate change and its potential impact or lack thereof within the next few decades. Your brochure should include the following:

Describe the latest climate change EPA policy and what it means for the average American.
Evaluate the agency’s approach to educating the public.