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The affect of using shampoos

The complete proposal topic is: The affect of using shampoos containing plant-based silicon substitutes such as capryloyl glycerin and sebacic acid copolymer instead of shampoos with typical silicone component such as PDMS.

– Make it as detailed as possible. I need specific information about the materials or chemicals discussed: like include the name, chemical formula, and all properties that are applicable to topic.
– Talk about how MOST shampoos generally contain typical silicone component (Such as PDMS)
– talk about effect of silicone on hair
– Talk about how plant-based silicon has a different effect on the hair than typical or regular silicone
– Include statistics and images as needed or as applicable (images of different brands of shampoos containing the discussed chemicals).
– compare different shampoo products from different brands based on their silicone component.