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The Advent of New Technologies

The advent of new technologies can impact the way criminal justice organizations operate. Mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), smartphones, and global positioning systems allow for criminal justice work to be carried out in new ways. These and other technologies may be useful in the management and administration of criminal justice organizations, but they can also present challenges. As a current or future criminal justice manager or administrator, it is important to understand the positive and negative aspects of current technologies. In the future, it is likely that further advances in technology will continue to have an impact on criminal justice and your career.

Review the assigned pages in the articles “Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology for Community Supervision,” “The Best Laid Plans: An Assessment of the Varied Consequences of New Technologies for Crime and Social Control,” and “Tessling on My Brain: The Future of Lie Detection and Brain Privacy in the Criminal Justice System.” Consider the implications of the technological innovations discussed in each article.

Select a current technology to use for this Discussion.

Think about the positive and negative implications of the technology you selected on the management and administration of criminal justice organizations.

With these thoughts in mind:

a description of the current technology you selected. Then explain at least one positive and one negative implication of the technology on the management and administration of criminal justice organizations. Be specific.

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