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The advantages and disadvantages of Wi-Fi networks at sporting venues

1.What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wi-Fi networks at sporting venues?

2.The decision to install Wi-Fi at sport venues is highly dependent on the characteristics of institutions (e.g., athletic department characteristics such as size, division, sports programs, facilities). Provide a comparison of Wi-Fi at two comparable institutions, one with public Wi-Fi and one without. Write a brief case analysis on each. Provide a description of each of these venues and the type of sports played, if you choose sport organizations

3.Debate whether the installation of Wi-Fi in sporting venues would help drive attendance. Make sure to differentiate among sports and target markets.

4.How will the inclusion of Wi-Fi at the university’s sport facilities align with future sport endeavors like esports?

5.What will your recommendation be to the Board of Directors? Should all the university’s facilities be equipped with Wi-Fi networks? Make sure to provide context to your answer based on Mary leading a Power Five athletic department.